About Us

1Ropani.com is a platform to disseminate real estate industry information. We provide comprehensive detail on real estate properties which are for sale or rent, including current news and information about real estate market.

1Ropani.com brings together property information - location, price, pictures, interactive maps and property features through dynamic website, mobile interface and SMS. We welcome the participation from real estate players - sellers, renters, agents, builders, developers, investors for dissemination of information in trustworthy environment.

1Ropani.com aims to overcome the limitation of traditional method of real estate advertisement, like newspaper, brochures, leaflets or other forms of mass media, which are confined to limited time, space and audience. With 1Ropani.com you can effectively advertise your property for a longer time-period at minimum cost and reach wider range of audience internationally.

  • Simplifying Nepalese real estate market
  • Participation with 1Ropani.com can help you work smarter
  • 0% commission to 1Ropani.com on deal
  • Reduce unnecessary calls from non potential buyers.